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Last September at the MN state fair I purchased a caterpillar from the butterfly house.  That very evening it already started to form it’s cocoon.  They told me it wouldn’t come out until about June; I had nine months to look at the cocoon.  I never really thought it would come to anything, it would probably die and never come out.

I had just fed the buns last night and turned from their cage when I noticed something different in the moth container.  I stopped in my tracks as my eyes focused and realized there was an extremely beautiful, somewhat big, moth in the container.  The momentous event had happened at some point during the course of the day.  The head and middle part were a dark red color, it’s antennae looked like leaves, and it had beautiful patterns on it’s wings.  I showed my sister and step-mom, but dad was already asleep and I would have to wait until this morning to show him.

I showed my dad in the morning and decided it was time to release my moth into the unknown.  It wouldn’t leave, it clung to the top of the container, so I let it sit outside in the hopes it would eventually leave.  I went to my room and dozed off, and later awoke to my dad calling for me.  A really bad storm was coming and I should come get the moth.  It still hadn’t left?  So I gently eased it into the container to keep it until after the storm.

The storm subsided, a nice cool evening began to set in.  I knew it was time to try again.  I took the moth out and set it on the porch railing.  I watched as its wings readied themselves for flight.  The moth buzzed with energy while it prepared for its first flight.  It started out, faltered a few times, and eventually I saw it’s silhouette against the purple twilight of the night as it flew away for good.