Now that I have the internet and can blog again, I wish I had something to blog about.  You’d think my time away would give me tons of writing material, but, alas, you would be wrong.  I spend my time with two extremely spoiled pets, and my dad and step-mom.

I spend plenty of time on the weekends with my good friends too, but I think I may have lost touch just the tiniest bit with the real world.  I no longer watch much TV, including the news.  I am somewhat clueless to the current events in the world.  I don’t see my mom as often anymore now that I live further away from her.  This has it’s good and bad sides to it.  My mother can certainly drive me bonkers, but I do love my family and miss little bro so much.    He is at that age where he is so into his friends and doesn’t have much time for anything else.  He just got his driver’s license last week.  Although I understand this is how being a teenager is, it’s still hard to let go.  We didn’t even go to a Timberwolves game this year.  He can’t refuse a Twins game though, not with a new outdoor stadium!

I am blessed with many things in my life.  The most important is still so far away.  I really miss my husband.  It’s been 27 months since he left the US and life without each other is becoming unbearable.  I’ve run out of vacation time and we’ve run out of funds for plane tickets.  I don’t know when I will see him next, but I really hope it won’t take too long.  InshaAllah we will be together again soon and can start our family.