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I haven’t blogged or even read any blogs in what seems like forever. I feel like I am out of the system. I really haven’t had home internet access, so that’s kept me from these activities. The funny thing is I am currently in Egypt to visit my hubby and now I have the time! He’s currently at work, so I am keeping myself sane.

I still haven’t gotten a picture of my sweet kitty on here yet.  I will have to do that when I get home.  Aside from hubby, my two babies are keeping my spirits up during this time.  I’ve had hamsters and hedgehogs before, but I’ve never quite bonded with pets the way I have with Borio and Topaz.

Borio is so sweet and loves to play.  He loves to come to me and ask for my attention by putting his front paws on my leg.  He does have attitude sometimes though.  He is very picky about the dry food he eats.  He likes one kind, and won’t eat any other.  They don’t carry his food at all the pet stores and I got a different food one time to get by.  He was not having it.  I left it in his dish and he didn’t touch it.  I typically feed him after I’m done cleaning his cage.  So the next day I was bent over cleaning his cage and he bit me on my butt.  He certainly showed me his dissatisfaction for the food and let me know the right kind had better be in his dish!  I tried mixing the two foods and he wasn’t fooled by that either.  He picked out the one he didn’t like and ate the other.  He’s too smart for me!

Topaz is still in her wild kitten phase.  She is so nosy and loves to check out everything!  Everything is hers to touch and paw at too.  One day I was sorting the laundry and she had to touch each item of clothing as I flung it to it’s appropriate pile.  She’s alternately sweet too though.  She loves people.  When I’m in the bathroom she will sit outside the door and wait for me.  She almost has the personality of a dog at times.

I will definitely have to post some pictures of my babies.  I got some inexpensive pet clothing and dressed them up.  I took pictures and brought them to Egypt with me.  My husband’s aunts thought it was hilarious.  They don’t have pet rabbits in Egypt, let alone ones that wear clothes!