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“I see you’re drinking 1%.  Is that because you think you’re fat?  Cause you’re not, you could be drinking whole if you wanted to.”

-Napolean Dynamite


Ok, so he’s not really bad, he’s just naughty, but in a silly good way.  I let him frolic in the living room while I pick up his cage every day.  He is litter box trained, or rather corner trained, as I discovered today.

I was cleaning out the cage and had his litter box out to empty it.  My good little boy hopped into his cage, went to the corner where his litter box should be, and went potty.  I just cleaned the cage, so I was annoyed.  I couldn’t be too mad though, he went where he was technically supposed to, and it wasn’t on the carpet!

Miss A, what’s wrong with you?  You recently spent 2 weeks in Egypt and have hardly talked about it!  You keep talking about this silly rabbit.  When do we get to hear about Egypt?

You might think my trip to Egypt was super duper exciting and I have tons of tales to tell.  You might be right.  My trip to Egypt might have just been some much needed time between spouses, with not much to tell about.  Then again, maybe it’s like those Vegas commercials…  what happens in Egypt stays in Egypt.  Naaaaaaaah!

InshaAllah I will talk about my trip soon.  I just might not be ready yet.  Until then, know this, Multicultural Muslimah is right about Lucille’s, they have the best burgers.  She introduced me to the restaurant and it will definitely be somewhere I will go back to when I’m in Egypt and crave a cheeseburger!


Yeah, he’s named after an imitation Oreo that they have in Egypt, but there’s no imitating this little rascal!IMG_1226-1
Here’s what the little sweetie pie looks like when he’s fluffy. The other pictures are from me holding him and petting him, but he’s really a fluff ball.
He is kind of a mischief maker, but that’s ok. I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow so that I could chill at home with him again.





He is the sweetest little bunny boy!  I got him last Saturday.  He’s a 5 week old jersey wooly rabbit.  He likes to cuddle.  He loves to run, something he’s never been let out to do before, and he does these silly half jumps.  I’ll have to get some video on here at some point.  Sorry that I’ve been neglecting my blog, maybe Borio will inspire me to write more often.