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Borio 1


I am finally caught up on sleep, alhamdulilah.  I have spent my time catching up on sleep, working, and getting everything together for our immigration interview next week.  I can’t wait to have that over.  Keeping busy has really helped me not think about leaving Egypt.  I miss my hubby so much, I wish I could have shoved him in my suitcase.



We had a really nice time together.  We should have, it had been 8 months since we saw each other!  My husband took me to Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea.  It was gorgeous.  He went snorkeling, I freaked out and swam back to the boat!  We spent some time in Cairo, and we went to the zoo.  We went to a city where his father’s family lives that is more in the country.  By that time we had a couple days left and it was time for me to go.  It was wonderful, but it went by much too fast.  InshaAllah next time he will be coming back here.

I’m back in the US, I got back late Sunday night.  I’m tired.

I’m home again, or did I just leave home?  It’s really hard to say.  Where is home?  Is this home because it’s what I call my residence?  Is Egypt home because that’s where my husband is?  Home is quite relative.

I just want to live in the same place as my husband and be able to call that home.  InshaAllah I pray that will happen soon.