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I’m off for another Egyptian adventure. I doubt I’ll touch my blog in the next 2 and a half weeks. I can’t wait to share stories when I do come back.



My only sadness about going to Egypt is that I didn’t finish the one thing I wanted to.


I started making this quilt for my husband and because of sickness and a hundred other things to worry about, I had to put it to the side.  InshaAllah I guess it will have to be a homecoming present.

The last couple of months have actually gone by pretty quick for me.  I can’t believe that it’s almost time to see my husband’s smiling face again.  It’s been too long and I really miss him.  For the most part I’m packed.  I just need to wash some laundry and pack a few items from that.  Yay!!!!

4 more days of work and then, Egypt here I come!

Every night I come home from work and check the mail to see if my husband’s interview has been scheduled.

1:30 am on a Friday night/Saturday morning I get the letter.  So I have the whole weekend to freak out about it now.

With great anticipation I opened the letter to see my husband’s interview date, the next step in our process.  Our “interview” as scheduled is on June 25th…

In Bloomington, MN.

*Worse yet, it’s not wrong.  I have to go solo!  Yikes!

I love my mom, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes she’s just a little nutty.

Last Wednesday after I got home from the Dr. she was asking me what happened, what I had, yadda yadda.  “Didn’t they test you for that swine flu?”

No mother, they did not test me for that swine flu.  Her, “But you could have it, why didn’t they test you?”  Mother, I do not have the swine flu, I don’t even have the right symptoms for the swine flu.  (I tend to use “Mother” instead of “Mom” when she gets like this).

Then 2 days later I went to the ER on Friday.  That trip could have been avoided if Wednesday Dr. had listened to my symptoms and given me the anti-biotics I needed, but that’s not what this post is about.  So I get out of the ER and call my mom before I start driving to let her know I’ll be fine.

“Well, do you have that swine flu?”  Mom, I don’t have the symptoms of the swine flu.  “But I think they’re supposed to test everyone.”

It was pretty much the same conversation as the other day.  Sometimes she makes me paranoid though.  Does she want me to have that flu?  It almost seems like she does, doesn’t it?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an ER.  You won’ t find me there unless I really feel that something is seriously wrong.  Mostly, because, for myself I am too cheap to deal with the $100 copay.  Ridiculous, right?

Well I couldn’t sleep.  I would fly up from bed, gasping for air.  My throat hurt so bad that the pain was traveling to my ears.  I was most upset because I had just gone to the Dr. 2 days before.  At that time I had most of the same symptoms, just not as bad.  She only focused on the obvious pink eye and gave me drops for that.

So imagine how I wasn’t really thrilled to be asked why the Dr. I saw the other day didn’t give me any antibiotics.  I wonder that myself.  Maybe some of my pain could have been prevented.

I’m obviously still quite whiny!

It started Sunday morning.  I woke up with a sore throat.  I was starting to get a sinus infection.  Then Tuesday night I came home from work and noticed my right eye was a bit droopy, gooey, and of course PINK.  I looked like a monster with Franken-eye.  (I just realized since I’m from MN people might think I’m talking about Al Franken, I’m not, I mean Frankenstein eye).

Alhamdulilah the sore throat is not strep, that would have been worse.  I still have a hard time swallowing, breathing, and trying not to itch my eyes.

I’m whiny.  And I think I need attention.  I work alone, I am mostly at home alone, which makes me wonder where I would get this crud from anyway….