About 2 months ago I received a forward in my work email. It was a 6 minute long video clip from a news cast, talking about a little known type of breast cancer. It happens very fast and is not detected by a mammogram, it’s called inflammatory breast cancer. Here is a list of symptoms from the mayo clinic page.  It’s very rare and is often mistaken for an infection in the breast.  Women are usually given antibiotics, and by the time they figure out it’s not an infection, it’s usually too late.

Not even 2 weeks ago, my co-worker Vi said she had some pain in one of her breasts at work the day before and then when she got home she noticed her nipple was inverted.  Another co-worker and I asked if she had gotten the email about IBC, she hadn’t.  I found it in my mailbox she watched the video.  She set up a Dr’s appointment right away.  She had a biopsy a week later, by that time a lump had grown to a size between a golf ball and tennis ball.  This week she was told that she has breast cancer.

She said she would have never gone to the Dr. if she hadn’t seen that video clip.  She’s the type of woman to ignore stuff like that until it doesn’t get better.  I can’t believe how large the lump got within a week.  SubhanAllah, please pray for her.

Please make sure to pass info about IBC on.  Not many women know about it, and because it’s inflamed tissue, it doesn’t show up on a mammogram.  Alhamdulilah, I’m glad I got that video.