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Sorry to anyone who’s left comments since I last posted.  My computer is playing some funky games with me.  I’m trying to get it to function normally again while working around it’s odd quirks.

On another note, I forgot what it’s like to be a teenager.  I’ve been up since 4 am.  My little brother stayed here last night.  I asked if he wanted me to make the bed up in the other room for him.  He insisted on sleeping on the couch (which he’s WAY to tall for).  I woke up and found him on the floor, wedged between the coffee table and the couch.  He looks really uncomfortable.  Man, can that kid sleep!!!!  He could probably sleep through a natural disaster.  It’s almost 9 am, he’s still sleeping.  I’ve done so much since I woke up.

Yikes!  I’m getting old!


Imagine it’s a 90 degree day outside.  You’re going to leave for work.  You put on your winter coat and get ready to leave.  Yeah, I said winter coat.  That’s right, you’re going to get into your 90 degree car with your winter coat on and drive to work.

Welcome to my world.

Our underground heated parking has always been a nice, steady, comfortable 72 degrees.  Not for the past few weeks though.  It’s been 90 degrees.  I am getting into a 90 degree car with my coat on because when I get to work, and I step out of the car, it’s freezing.  People look at me funny because I drive to work with my windows part way down!  Some of those days it was below zero outside!

On an upnote, I don’t have to turn on the heat on my way to work everyday, saving me some gas.

Every generation has their own little language.  I’m sure when I was 15 my mom had a hard time understanding what I was talking about when I’d use the slang words common to my age group.  With my little brother it is the text talk generation.  Frankly, it bugs the living heck out of me.

Sometime last fall I had a fit at little bro about his texting language.  I was at my parents and found a school project of his.  Instead of “your” he used “ur”, and things like that.  I told him how unacceptable that was for a school prject.  He told me the teacher didn’t care.  I told him it doesn’t matter if she cares because I expect him to use real words in his projects.  Then I gave it to my mom a bit, telling her she needed to monitor a little more closely.  Fine family fun!

So you can only imagine how annoyed I was to pick up a Diet Mtn Dew the other week on my way to work.  I was tired and needed some caffeine.  Yes, they changed their packaging to go with the text talk generation.  It is “Mtn”, not “Mountain” as it formerly was.  It also has zero carb, cal, and sug.  Okay so carbohydrates and calories are somewhat large words, but sugar?  Did they have to omit the “ar”?  Really?  Whatever appeals to the market for those sales!

On a side note, I will admit that I am slightly tickled when little bro does send me text messages that take me a little while to understand.  It just means he thinks I’m still young and cool enough to understand what he’s texting me.  It’s flattering.

I can’t really decide what’s the root cause of the idiocy I’ve displayed in my life lately.  I’m 32 and this could account for some of the mental blips I’ve had.  However I think working third shift has really started to make my brain mush.  Most people who know me, know that I’m not a very addle brained person.  Most of the time I know where I put things and they should be there when I go to look for them.

All this week whenever I’d walk through the kitchen I’d smell banans.  That’s odd because I ate all the bananas the week before.  I didn’t let it disturb me for very long, and went about my day.  Then as I was half asleep yesterday, the reason hit me.  Hey Miss A!  Remember those bananas that were a little too ripe for you to eat?  You know the ones you put in a plastic bag so when they got a little more ripe you could stick them in the freezer to make banana cake at some later time?  Do you think that could be the banana smell in the kitchen?  Hmmmm?