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Well I’m not even going to post pictures of what I made because they certainly don’t look as beautiful, but the taste….   Oh yummalicious!

I made these red velvet cake balls and I am enamored.  They are fairly simple with the few ingredients, just a bit time consuming with the chocolate coating.  Before you make them, take time to read some of the comments for tips on how to better your experience.



It’s time for a break.

From blogging.

Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be back.

The Eid prayer today was wonderful.

It was the best Eid prayer I’ve ever attended.  It was so nice and peaceful.  The atmosphere was awesome.  It wasn’t over crowded.  The sisters had their kids near them and not running around all over.  The sisters were lined up and ready for the prayer when it began.  The khutbah was nice.

In the past couple years I’ve stayed away from the Eid prayer because Eid has been so lonely for me.  It’s difficult not having a muslim family or friends to do some Eid activity with.  Although my husband isn’t here and I still feel that bit of lonliness, I forced myself to go to the prayer.  Alhamdulilah, I am really glad I did.  I feel such a sense of peace and serenity.

I hope everyone can have this feeling.  I really do wish everyone to have a wonderful Eid.  Take some time to enjoy those people close to you that you hold near and dear.

Have you ever had one of those moments where the absurdity of a situation doesn’t hit you until way later?  (Like, 1 and 1/2 weeks later?)

My sister always tweaks when she’s riding in the car with me.  She freaks out about every little thing I do.  She is constantly tense and super spazzy.  When I picked her up almost 2 weeks ago to go to our mom’s for dinner she was just so.  I wanted to smack her.  Then she started pulling out this crud about the 2 second rule, (I think she’s been watching those Allstate commercials).  I need to be 2 seconds away from the car in front of me, blah blah blah blah blah di blah blah, spaz spaz tweak.

I’m a fairly good driver.  I’m almost 32 years old and have been driving for half that time, since I was 16.  I have no accidents or traffic violations on my record for the past 16 years.  Alhamdulilah.  Yet I get, spaz spaz tweak.

So I’m driving to the Eid prayer this morning, making takbeer and driving on the slushy roads.  I was a little too close to the car in front of me, and I thought, “Oh, don’t forget the 2 second rule”.  And  I busted out laughing.

The reason I had to drive my sister in the first place is because her driver’s license is suspended until January 2nd.  She’s had so many tickets and what-not, yet she’s telling ME to observe the 2 second rule?

EID MUBARAK to everyone!

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Eid.