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My parents had their black Friday shopping cut short yesterday.  My little bro called and begged them to take him to the dr.

Diagnosis:  Mono


I feel bad for him.  He didn’t look too good the other day when I was there.  InshaAllah I hope he feels better soon.


Where I live teeters on the border of city and hickville, (my point with the turkey leg post).

I was shocked to hear my coworkers talking last week.  They went to a night club in the city I live in to listen to a band.  One of my coworkers is a pretty big African American guy.  If I saw him, I wouldn’t want to mess with him, he looks like he could pick someone up and crack them in half.  Since I work with him, I don’t think he has that type of personality, but he looks menacing.  He walked in one part of the club and some guy said, “Oh great, the blacks are starting to take over our town now.”  My co-worker went up to him and asked, “what did you just say?”.  The guy ran.

I didn’t realize I lived in that much of a hick town.  I hope they don’t get out the pitch forks and torches.

I was just driving home from the shopping area not too far from where I live.  When I got into the residential area and was almost home, I saw this guy walking on the sidewalk.  He had those gloves on that don’t cover the finger tips and was gnawing on a huge turkey leg.

It cracked me up.  Yep.

Alhamdulilah, I am truly grateful for all that I have.  I look back on the past few years of my life and look at how many blessings Allah has given me.

I’ve been having a difficult time lately.  With my husband being gone.  The excitement of being pregnant.  The horror of miscarrying.  Not having my husband here while that was going on.

Despite that, I am grateful that I have my husband, even if he is far away for the time.  It’s only temporary.  Despite the disappointment of miscarriage, there is more time and opportunity to try for children.  This time will pass into happier days.

Alhamdulilah, I have a good family and friends that care.  Making it through this time is easier because of the love and support they provide.  I am grateful.


One year ago today I married the most amazing man that I have ever met.  This past year has been filled with many trials and hardships, but also filled with an amazing amount of love.  Allah has truly blessed me with a husband that is everything I have ever wanted.  He is a good muslim, a good person with an awesome sense of humor.  Despite the fact that we’ve been separate for a good part of our marriage, we remain strong.  I think in some ways it has done us a world of good.  We communicate every day.  We talk about everything.  Learning how to communicate is an essential part of marriage.  Of course we argue every now and again, but they are mostly small things.  The arguments are few and far between.  It’s part of marriage.

Happy anniversary Mr. A.  May Allah bless us with many more years of marriage.  May Allah increase the bonds of love, mercy, and compassion that we have for each other.


How do you mourn the loss of someone you’ve never even met?  In my mind we met and I was a mother for the past six weeks.  In my mind I could only imagine what my child would look like, would act like, and what kind of personality they would have.

Everything is certainly from Allah.  There is no doubt some reason and wisdom for my loss.  Alhamdulilah.

Right now I just feel like being alone.  I desire only to be near one person, and unfortunately he is thousands of miles away.

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My life is quite boring right now.  I apologize for not blogging in a while, but there just isn’t much to blog about.  Those closest to me know whatever they need to know about how I’m doing.  So what can I say to the blog-o-sphere?  My weeks are filled with work, some stops on the way home every now and again, talking to my husband, and then off to sleep.  Repeat.

I’m working on improving my eating habits.  Woop dee doo.  Do you really care if a serving of cottage cheese doubles as a protein and a calcium?  What about the fact that broccoli is fast becoming my new best friend?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Wanna talk asparagus instead?

We could talk marriage.  Except that’s not a very interesting public subject either.  My husband and I are happy and pretty even keel.  Even if we had crazy arguments, I probably wouldn’t tell, but alhamdulilah, we are good.  It’s strange how a good marriage can be boring in the best way.  It’s not like being single, the excitements and disappointments of trying to find a good brother.  That was a crazy time, but now everything is balanced, it’s good.

Enough rambling.  I need to get some sleep.  InshaAllah I hope everybody else can have their mundane lives be as pleasant as mine it.

Today was laundry day.  I always check my pockets before I throw things in the wash.  I don’t want to wash any papers and have all those little pieces of wet shredded paper everywhere.  I was certainly surprised when I opened up the washer and my clothes were full of little bits of brown paper.  It looked as though I had washed a brown paper bag with my clothes.  I knew I didn’t throw a grocery bag in there, and I checked all my pockets.  So where the hell did all that crap come from?

It came from an abaya I purchased in Egypt.

This was the first time I washed it.  It has quite a bit of embroidery on it.  You know how there is this white paper that looks like a dryer sheet that is used on the inside of clothing when it’s embroidered?  Yeah?  Well, this abaya didn’t have that white stuff that stays together in the washer.  Whoever made it used something like, well, like a brown paper bag.

Freakin’ lovely.


The vibe at work is very weird.  Never after an election have I felt things be so odd.  The few elections that I’ve voted in have been fairly the same.  There is a new president elect, but nobody is really sore over it.  My coworkers though….  Yikes!  Quite a few of them are McCain supporters, and they were PISSED that he lost.  We are talking about sore losers.  Nobody has really mentioned much about it, but if it does come up, the attitude comes out.

Now, I have been on the losing end of the two elections prior to this.  I never voted for Bush, and I never acted like that after he won, either.  What the hell?  I must say I was even slightly impressed with McCain’s concession speech.  Quieting the booing crowd, emphasizing that Obama would be his president too.

All I can say is that I’m looking forward to the next four years.  There are so many challenges facing Obama right away, but I think he will step up to the plate.  I will enjoy watching him win over the masses, because I truly believe he will.  I have a positive hope that he will be a great president.  We haven’t had one in a while, and we need one.