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I wish I could talk to someone about what’s going on.  I wish could tell someone how I feel and have them understand.

I didn’t realize how difficult this would be.  I didn’t realize that making this choice would make me feel like this.  It’s going to be a difficult, and I really realized it today.

Even though it’s going to be hard, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


They all clapped when I received my award.

To me it feels less like an achievement and more like a failure.

I keep dreaming I’m riding that dirt bike.  What is it with that thing?!!?

(and I ride it well in my dreams, no crashes!)

On the way from Cairo to the North shore we stopped at a place to get some bread and honey.  Lion Village.

Lion Village was kind of like an outdoor restaurant with a small zoo on the outside of the tables.  They had things like camels, deer, monkeys, and chickens.  Oddly enough, considering the name, there were no lions there.

The oddest part of this place (and the thing that I didn’t take any pictures of) were the displays of dogs.  There were areas for newfoundlands, dalmations, and even the cute, wrinkly sharpeis.  As I was standing there stunned, looking at the newfoundlands, one jumped over the fence and started running free.  A little while later I saw a troop of about 4 dalmations running together.  We were in a restaurant, if you remember.

You see a lot of strange things in Egypt, but this was the most unexpected.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon.  I was invited to my mom’s house for a dinner of enchiladas and some playing of Rock Band.

I learned how to make the enchiladas (yep never learned that before).  While they were cooking, little bro, said, “C’mon A, take a ride on my dirt bike.”  Heck yes!  Why wouldn’t I take a ride?  Little bro gave instructions on how to operate his precious toy and I hopped on.

I hit the path he already had in the back yard.  I was coming to the curve and forgot all instructions.  I hit the gas instead of the brake to slow down.  I crashed into a tree.  Alhamdulilah, I didn’t break anything.  Just a small fracture on my clavicle.

Everyone at work laughed and said, “Don’t you think you’re a little old to be riding a dirt bike?”  Apparently not, or I wouldn’t have hopped on that bad boy in the first place.  In retrospect, I feel the age in my injury.  That was the first ride, and the last.

Alhamdulilah, I was able to spend my Eid with hubby.  Many have asked me how Eid was in a muslim country.  Here’s my answer.

Not much different than Eid here in the US.

That was my experience anyway.  We woke up and prayed fjar, got packed up, stopped to pray at the mosque in the sports club near the house, and headed toward the north shore.  We stayed at the beach house in isolation from family and friends.  I cooked, we swam in the pool, and we hung out on the beach.  It was not really different to me because I did what I would usually do on Eid day here.  I prayed the Eid prayer and went to do something fun.

I’m not complaining, we just didn’t stick in the city, so I really didn’t see the difference.  I’m just glad I got to be there with my husband for the holiday.


It was an amazing trip.  I finally got back yesterday.  Well, I shouldn’t say “finally”.  I wish I wouldn’t have left.  Leaving was more difficult that I could have ever imagined it would be.  I just hope that the next person to get on a plane will be him…  coming back here.


Okay so it’s a little bit late, but still…

Happy Eid to everyone. 

Mine was less eventful than you might think it would be in a muslim country.  I did get a full-coverage swimsuit and went swimming.  That was my Eid excitement.

InshaAllah I hope everyone had a blessed Eid.