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Today is a good day. I feel good things happening all around me.

My close friend has found “The One” and I couldn’t be happier for her.

I will be going back to Egypt at the end of September inshaAllah. I’m super excited. I miss hubby alot. I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I wish everyone the same happiness. There will always be hard times and arguments, but we will always come out the other end stronger from these things. He is an amazing person. We are very similar when it comes to how we care for each other and he understands the things that make a relationship work. I am so blessed.

I am feeling so good today about everything. InshaAllah him and I will be together again soon. I really want to go to the MN zoo and check out the sea otters… so he better get back here soon and go there with me. Sea otters, man, sea otters.


This is in the city where my husband’s family lives from his father’s side. I love the rooster crowing, and of course the babble of Tante’s in the background. The honking of horns… not so much.

It’s strange, but, I think, a whole month after coming back from Egypt, I am starting to get depressed.

It took a little while to hit me I think.

I don’t feel like doing anything.

I don’t want to even be writing on this blog.

I want to hop on a plane and go back to my husband.

Ahhhhhh, the untold story.

Upon my arrival back to the U.S. I had a fun time at the airport. I got off the plane walked to the area where I waited in line for quite some time. I got to the guy, gave him my passport, and declaration paper. I asked him if the tea I brought back was a problem since it’s a dried plant, he said it would be fine. I was worried about the tea, and I never omit anything that I have becuase I would be the person that would get caught, that’s how it works for me. So, I passed from there and got a luggage cart, found my spot next to the baggage claim, and waited for my luggage to come round. I had 2 huge and fairly heavy suitcases, plus a smaller suitcase and a messenger bag that were my carry-ons. I got all this crap onto the cart and started to wheel my way out. I gave my passport to a lady checking them and she told me to go to this other line. Great.

It was the agriculture line. I got up to the counter and the man asked me if I had any food in my bags. I replied that I had chocolate and two kinds of tea (I was so focused on the tea I forgot about the mini marshmallows). Then he said, “Do you have any sausage, poultry, pork chops, pastrami, steak, ham, hamburger, beef jerky….”. He went on and on asking me about all these different kinds of meat. He sort of paused at some point and I said, “Sir, I don’t have any meat in my bags.” He kept asking me more meats, and got to a small pause where I said, “Sir, I already told you I don’t have any meat in my bags.” I brought home a stomach problem from Egypt so naming off all those meats was making me queasy. Plus, dude, don’t you see the scarf on my head? Pork chops, really? So he stopped, looked at me and as an after thought asked, “Salami?”.

I was starting to get a little paranoid. I was starting to wonder if someone had slipped some meat in my bag and was trying to frame me.

Well, my bags had to be x-rayed. I had just hauled them off of the baggage claim and gotten them onto the cart. Now I had to haul them off the cart, put them on the x-ray and then go to the other side and haul them off of there and back onto the cart. Exhausting!

See dude? I told you there was no flippin’ meat in my bag! Peace out! Now where in the world would I find my sister?