I of course was at my mom’s house since yesterday. I helped her cook, and do whatever else it is she needed. I entertained her with my silliness. Most importantly though, I helped. I’m not saying this to brag, but to be used as a comparison.

From the moment my sister set foot in my parent’s house today there was mostly screaming. My mom asked as to the whereabouts of my sister’s boyfriend. My sister started screaming that my mom didn’t even care if she was there, but only if her boyfriend was (SO not true). So my sister walked out to leave. My step-dad yelled out the door to her. They yelled back and forth until my sister came in, and immediately went downstairs to sit by herself.

Eventually she was nice to my mom, then they screamed at each other again. My sister was eventually nice again, and then more screaming. Wash, rinse, and repeat. My sister opened her presents, and complained about them. My sister ate the dinner my mom cooked, and complained about it. Then she finally left. She did absolutely nothing to clean up or help out. Nice. Real nice. What else should we expect from a drug addict?