I have been excited for 1:30pm tomorrow for the longest time. That is the time I get to leave work and not come back for 10 days. My excitement was slightly crushed today.

First off, today was the day from hell at work. It was awful. Things went wrong that we’ve never seen go wrong before. Tomorrow is the end of month, and there is always a big push to get stuff out before end of month. Well since things went wrong, we are behind.

I have been working extra hours all week so everything would get done, and I was looking forward to just an 8 hour day tomorrow. Especially since I have to be there at 5am. My supervisor was trying to convince us that we should stay until 4 or 5 pm tomorrow night. Really? You can’t be serious!!!? All I want to do is run like heck out of that place as soon as the clock hits 1:30.