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I almost forgot. Ahem! Okay I had to clear my throat.


I hope everyone has a great Eid. May Allah bless you all with a nice holiday.


That’s right, you blog! When you’ve tossing and turning for over an hour and you can’t sleep. What do you do? You blog darn it! I honestly don’t have anything to say, but boredom brought me here. To improve my vocabulary I get a “word of the day” email. I’ll share today’s word with you.

canard \kuh-NAHRD\, noun:1. An unfounded, false, or fabricated report or story.2. A horizontal control and stabilizing surface mounted forward of the main wing of an aircraft.3. An aircraft whose horizontal stabilizer is mounted forward of the main wing.

Isn’t that fabulous?

“Suddenly, nothing seems so important as my sanity.”

Words scrolled in large letters taking up the entire page of a teenage girl’s journal. The writings I found last night of self-hatred made me weep for that girl. How could those pages be overlooked for so many years? How did I move from place to place and never see those words? A notebook full of paper, and only a few pages of awful, biting words. It isn’t like I didn’t know what happened to that girl. All the questions are answered. She’s a 30-year-old woman looking for a notebook to write some GRE vocab words in.

The sheets were torn out. The girl was left in the past where she belongs. The notebook now filled with painstakingly large words, that I don’t know half the definitions of.

Yes, I’m Raging. It’s that time again, for a week of fun-filled PMS.

My mom bought me a particularly hideous shirt. She said it was for an special “dress-up” occasion. I don’t know what kind of high-class cocktail parties my mom thinks I’m going to, but I would never wear that shirt even if I did go.

Point being I returned the shirt. I walked in the door at the same time as another guy. I stood in line at the customer service desk. He slightly passed the desk and then came back and stood in line in front of me. He nonchalantly budded in line. I let it go because he was carrying a car seat. Another guy came over and stood off to the side of the line. He made it look like he was in front of me too. I wasn’t going to let this happen. Then another customer service rep came to help. The guy off to the side waved me over, so I went. Technically I was the next in line, but the lady first working didn’t think so. The guy was getting my money out of the drawer when she loudly said, “Were you next? There is a line here!” I looked at her, grabbed my money and left. It took all of 5 seconds to take care of me and then I was gone. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I decided I would go to the grocery store and buy some cheese pizza, turkey pepperoni, and some diet soda. That’s the PMS diet. I encountered another muslim sister. Did she return my salaam? Certainly not. She stared at me as though I were some freak in a freakshow. Double GRRRRR! It’s quite obvious that I’m muslim. I’m covered. Why not return a sister’s salaam? I don’t get it.

I wish I could have bought a regular Mountain Dew, chock full of sugar! I even passed up the chocolate. I’m putting black olives and the turkey pepperoni on my pizza…..mmmmm. Gotta love the PMS.

I of course was at my mom’s house since yesterday. I helped her cook, and do whatever else it is she needed. I entertained her with my silliness. Most importantly though, I helped. I’m not saying this to brag, but to be used as a comparison.

From the moment my sister set foot in my parent’s house today there was mostly screaming. My mom asked as to the whereabouts of my sister’s boyfriend. My sister started screaming that my mom didn’t even care if she was there, but only if her boyfriend was (SO not true). So my sister walked out to leave. My step-dad yelled out the door to her. They yelled back and forth until my sister came in, and immediately went downstairs to sit by herself.

Eventually she was nice to my mom, then they screamed at each other again. My sister was eventually nice again, and then more screaming. Wash, rinse, and repeat. My sister opened her presents, and complained about them. My sister ate the dinner my mom cooked, and complained about it. Then she finally left. She did absolutely nothing to clean up or help out. Nice. Real nice. What else should we expect from a drug addict?

My mom decided to try some new mascara, Loreal Shocking Volume Waterproof mascara. After watching her scrub her eyes with numerous cotten balls and makeup remover for ten minutes, I know I will NEVER use this product. I can’t say anything for the non-waterproof variety, but the stuff my mom put on wasn’t cool. It left her eyes red, puffy, and burning.

It wasn’t pretty.

Of course, never a dull moment when shopping with mom. She had her list of about 5 items. She said it would be a quick trip to Wal-Mart. I should know better by now. I should have realized that it’s never a quick trip to shopping anywhere with my mom.

Two and a half hours in Wal-Mart. Two and a half hours. It isn’t that she goes overboard and buys one thousand items that aren’t on her list. She got what was on the list and a couple extra things. She just has to LOOK at everything. I don’t understand this. She goes there weekly. What items can they have that are so new that she needs to look at?

Then it was back home to cook.

She makes me tired.

I often rant about things, and today is no exception.

Some guy kept calling my phone, and asking for someone that it doesn’t belong to. Everytime I answered he got irritated… with ME!

Hello? You were calling my phone and annoying me. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to dial the number you want! Quit wasting my cell phone minutes, and yelling at me! I’m just saying.

After a phone call from my mom last night I was inspired to post about some of my favorite things.

When I visit my mom I often do silly things to make her laugh. Others might look at my small performances as pure craziness, but I like to amuse my mother. Sometimes when she finds something I say particularly funny she will call me and say it over the phone. One such instance took place last night. I had to repeat it about 15 times while my mom giggled on the other line and tried to imitate me. This is one of the things I love to do for my mom; just making her laugh brightens my day.

I have been excited for 1:30pm tomorrow for the longest time. That is the time I get to leave work and not come back for 10 days. My excitement was slightly crushed today.

First off, today was the day from hell at work. It was awful. Things went wrong that we’ve never seen go wrong before. Tomorrow is the end of month, and there is always a big push to get stuff out before end of month. Well since things went wrong, we are behind.

I have been working extra hours all week so everything would get done, and I was looking forward to just an 8 hour day tomorrow. Especially since I have to be there at 5am. My supervisor was trying to convince us that we should stay until 4 or 5 pm tomorrow night. Really? You can’t be serious!!!? All I want to do is run like heck out of that place as soon as the clock hits 1:30.