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I was driving home from visiting a sister tonight. Off to the side of the freeway a fireworks show was going on. I realized that’s how my heart feels; like it rockets into the sky and bursts into a million brilliant pieces.


Did I make an abaya all by myself?

I certainly did!

Is it the best looking garment in the world?

No, but it’s pretty nice for a first time abaya maker.

Am I proud of myself?

Yeah, kinda.

A request to the brothers and sisters with children:

I love children, I really do. Please, please, please brothers and sisters help those of us that want to concentrate on our prayers. Help keep the masjid a clean and happy place; it is Allah’s house.

It is hard to concentrate when the children are running in front of me while praying. It’s even harder to stay at the masjid when I saw a child empty the contents of his stomach into his mother’s hands (and the masjid floor). This is what happens when the children eat alot and then run around. Unfortunately I had to leave because I almost emptied the contents of my stomach too.

It all comes down to respect and common sense. It’s Ramadan, the month for good deeds. May Allah guide us and accept our prayers, fasting, and good deeds this month.

To all the muslims near and far,
Happy Ramadan!
Wherever you are!

Alhamdulilah, thanks to Allah!

I love and adore many of my fellow muslims. They are good people; kind and caring.

One of the funniest things about most muslims is their hospitality. I was invited over to a co-worker’s home after work today. She offered me food and I truly wasn’t hungry. Her mom was visiting from their country she asked her daughter in their language why she didn’t offer me food. My friend said she did, and I wasn’t hungry. Then her daughter came home, the same thing again. Her daughter asks why she didn’t feed me and my friend replies the same. Her daughter then says in English, “Mom she’s lying to you. Americans always say they are not hungry, but they really are!” My friend looked at me and said, “That’s one part of the American culture I have to try!”

I didn’t escape the house without food. She made me take it to go. Her mom had a huge smile on her face when she saw me with the container!

Point being: If you’re going to a muslim’s house try to be a little hungry. They feel as though they’ve failed if they can’t feed you!

I try to use the motto, “Never let them see you cry.” I don’t like to show my weakness to others in this way. Sometimes I try to be strong and I am just pushed to my limit though.

Why can’t more people be understanding? Why can’t more people take a hint that something is bothering me? It wasn’t much of a hint, it was a direct statement. I told her what she said bothered me and that it wasn’t funny. I’ve asked her 4 other times not to mention this topic to me. I don’t know why some people feel it is acceptable to push others to be miserable and then laugh at it.

At least I made it somewhere private before I cried.

There really isn’t much of a surprise actually. I don’t even feel like writing. There is nothing exciting to say. I could comment on the oddity of my coworkers (there are some characters there), but you’d really have to see them in action to get the full effect.

I could talk about the loud thumpers in the apartment above me. Why bother? I will have to live beneath them until one of us moves. Until that time I will have to deal with listening to their lound thumpity-thump-thumps. Are they wrestling up there or what!!!???

I feel dull and boring today, like I said, I didn’t really even feel like writing.

Saturday was an awesome evening. I had girl time with one of my friends who I don’t see very often. We primped and pampered ourselves; we even soaked our feet in some nice smelling foot soak stuff. We talked and talked. It was much needed girl time.

She left around 10pm. About 5 minutes after she left, the tornado sirens started going off. I panicked, but went downstairs. I hate tornados and tornado-like weather. After about a half hour the warning was lifted and I went back upstairs. I was up there for about 5 minutes and the sirens went off again, the storm had turned and come back! I had to go back downstairs. What a freaky event! Not too much happened near me, but another town had a tornado touch down. Freaky!

So much for the relaxation.

There have been several squirrel sightings in the underground parking this week.

I fear it is trapped.

I get the chills everytime I see it.

Even though squirrels freak me out, I am hoping it finds it’s way out of the underground parking. I don’t wish the little scamp any harm. I don’t think it’s all that healthy for it to frolic in the oil on the ground. Do squirrels lick themselves clean? Ohhhh, I just hope it escapes soon.

I took a long, hard look in the mirror today.

I feel hideous.

Some days are just like that.