I can’t believe I’ve been married that long.  We finally got to be together on an anniversary.  I am so happy to finally be with my husband again.  We also hit another milestone…  this is the longest we’ve lived together.  We’re both still alive, so it must be going well!

It’s not the marriage that’s most difficult though.  Living in Egypt is not easy.  It’s not awful, but I feel a bit lonely here.  I really miss my family and friends.  I miss being able to go places when I feel like it.  I miss shopping at a regular grocery store.  I really miss my four-legged furry children.  I talked to my cat on the webcam and she just kept looking for me when I was talking. It just made me sad.

I have faith that Allah has a plan for me.  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need to be.  So, Alhamdulilah.


I can’t believe it’s been over a year and a half since I last posted anything on this blog.  Time flies, although it wasn’t all that fun!  I was in a vortex of depression for most of that time, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t write on here.  Things have changed so much for me in the last few months, and I find I need an outlet.  So… here I am!

With my husband living in Egypt and me in the US, my depression was really bad.  We hadn’t seen each other for almost 2 years and it was taking it’s toll on our marriage.  I was hospitalized for a week in July for my depression.  At the beginning of September I made the impulsive jump to live in Egypt with hubby until our immigration case is done.  I didn’t prepare for the move, I pretty much just up and left.  Hubby sent me a text saying that he bought me a ticket and it was for 3 days later.  So I had little to no time to pack up and get gone.

The hardest part for me is being away from my furry little loves.  I have the cat and two rabbits that I love and adore to pieces.  They have been a comfort to me in my depressed time.  I feel guilty leaving them behind.  When I decided to adopt my pets I decided it was until the end.  I never wanted to leave them with anyone else or let them go.  I chose them and it’s my responsibility to care for them.  That said, I did leave them in the US.  They are in temporary homes until I come back.  My cat is with a friend of mine and has taken to her quite well.  I didn’t want to bring her as she had just had some stress going on and lost some weight from it.  I didn’t want to further stress her out.  The rabbits are another story.  My Borio has had digestive issues for some time, and rabbits are quite sensitive to travel.  They would have to be in cargo, and might not have made it.  Plus the different water and veggies that my stomach can’t even tolerate… well I didn’t want to kill them.  They are with a coworkers daughter who works with animals.  She is very knowledgeable about rabbits and animals in general.  They are in the best hands possible, other than myself of course!  They don’t give her kisses like they give me, so that makes me feel a little better.  I know that they are ok with her, but that they love momma!

I think that’s enough info for now, but I do plan to write about some of my experiences here.  Tomorrow in particular should be interesting.  It’s Eid-al-adha and there will be many animals being slaughtered.  I have never been here for this Eid.  Hopefully it will be an enjoyable day.

Last September at the MN state fair I purchased a caterpillar from the butterfly house.  That very evening it already started to form it’s cocoon.  They told me it wouldn’t come out until about June; I had nine months to look at the cocoon.  I never really thought it would come to anything, it would probably die and never come out.

I had just fed the buns last night and turned from their cage when I noticed something different in the moth container.  I stopped in my tracks as my eyes focused and realized there was an extremely beautiful, somewhat big, moth in the container.  The momentous event had happened at some point during the course of the day.  The head and middle part were a dark red color, it’s antennae looked like leaves, and it had beautiful patterns on it’s wings.  I showed my sister and step-mom, but dad was already asleep and I would have to wait until this morning to show him.

I showed my dad in the morning and decided it was time to release my moth into the unknown.  It wouldn’t leave, it clung to the top of the container, so I let it sit outside in the hopes it would eventually leave.  I went to my room and dozed off, and later awoke to my dad calling for me.  A really bad storm was coming and I should come get the moth.  It still hadn’t left?  So I gently eased it into the container to keep it until after the storm.

The storm subsided, a nice cool evening began to set in.  I knew it was time to try again.  I took the moth out and set it on the porch railing.  I watched as its wings readied themselves for flight.  The moth buzzed with energy while it prepared for its first flight.  It started out, faltered a few times, and eventually I saw it’s silhouette against the purple twilight of the night as it flew away for good.

It’s my new favorite.

Hoppy hour is pretty much the best part of every week.  I enjoy it, Borio enjoys it.  Enough said.

After all, who wouldn’t enjoy watching a bunch of rabbits hopping around, playing together?  The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society puts on a hoppy hour near my house once every week.  They also put one on at the larger humane society location every other Sunday.  The big Hoppy Hour brings in about 50 to 60 rabbits.  It’s just fun to watch them all.  For the most part, the bunnies behave, but sometimes they scuffle and get time outs.  My sweet little fluff ball has gotten 2 time outs for starting fights, on the same night.  And I thought he was so sweet and innocent.

Now that I have the internet and can blog again, I wish I had something to blog about.  You’d think my time away would give me tons of writing material, but, alas, you would be wrong.  I spend my time with two extremely spoiled pets, and my dad and step-mom.

I spend plenty of time on the weekends with my good friends too, but I think I may have lost touch just the tiniest bit with the real world.  I no longer watch much TV, including the news.  I am somewhat clueless to the current events in the world.  I don’t see my mom as often anymore now that I live further away from her.  This has it’s good and bad sides to it.  My mother can certainly drive me bonkers, but I do love my family and miss little bro so much.    He is at that age where he is so into his friends and doesn’t have much time for anything else.  He just got his driver’s license last week.  Although I understand this is how being a teenager is, it’s still hard to let go.  We didn’t even go to a Timberwolves game this year.  He can’t refuse a Twins game though, not with a new outdoor stadium!

I am blessed with many things in my life.  The most important is still so far away.  I really miss my husband.  It’s been 27 months since he left the US and life without each other is becoming unbearable.  I’ve run out of vacation time and we’ve run out of funds for plane tickets.  I don’t know when I will see him next, but I really hope it won’t take too long.  InshaAllah we will be together again soon and can start our family.

In a state of no internet, that’s where!

I now have internet access at home again, which is so wonderful.  I can talk to hubby more often now.  It was getting too far between our conversations for me.

I don’t have much to write on here, I’m boring.  I am living in a very small town without much to entertain me execpt my animals.  It’s really amazing that I haven’t lost my mind entirely.  I know what it’s like to be without TV and internet now and could handle life without the 2 if need be.  What I could never be parted from are my 2 darlings, Borio and Topaz.  It’s bad enough I’m so far from my husband.  I don’t know what I’d do without my 4 legged babies!


Aren’t they adorable?

Winter’s cold spring erases

And the calm away by the storm is chasing

Everything good needs replacing

Look up, look down, all around, satellite


I haven’t blogged or even read any blogs in what seems like forever. I feel like I am out of the system. I really haven’t had home internet access, so that’s kept me from these activities. The funny thing is I am currently in Egypt to visit my hubby and now I have the time! He’s currently at work, so I am keeping myself sane.

I still haven’t gotten a picture of my sweet kitty on here yet.  I will have to do that when I get home.  Aside from hubby, my two babies are keeping my spirits up during this time.  I’ve had hamsters and hedgehogs before, but I’ve never quite bonded with pets the way I have with Borio and Topaz.

Borio is so sweet and loves to play.  He loves to come to me and ask for my attention by putting his front paws on my leg.  He does have attitude sometimes though.  He is very picky about the dry food he eats.  He likes one kind, and won’t eat any other.  They don’t carry his food at all the pet stores and I got a different food one time to get by.  He was not having it.  I left it in his dish and he didn’t touch it.  I typically feed him after I’m done cleaning his cage.  So the next day I was bent over cleaning his cage and he bit me on my butt.  He certainly showed me his dissatisfaction for the food and let me know the right kind had better be in his dish!  I tried mixing the two foods and he wasn’t fooled by that either.  He picked out the one he didn’t like and ate the other.  He’s too smart for me!

Topaz is still in her wild kitten phase.  She is so nosy and loves to check out everything!  Everything is hers to touch and paw at too.  One day I was sorting the laundry and she had to touch each item of clothing as I flung it to it’s appropriate pile.  She’s alternately sweet too though.  She loves people.  When I’m in the bathroom she will sit outside the door and wait for me.  She almost has the personality of a dog at times.

I will definitely have to post some pictures of my babies.  I got some inexpensive pet clothing and dressed them up.  I took pictures and brought them to Egypt with me.  My husband’s aunts thought it was hilarious.  They don’t have pet rabbits in Egypt, let alone ones that wear clothes!

It’s been a while since I’ve had internet access.  I moved out of my apartment last month and into my dad’s house.  They have dial up for crying out loud and are usually on their computer.  What’s a girl to do?  Hopefully I will get a broadband card for my laptop soon.

Life moves on though.  I am here at dad’s house to prepare for whatever comes next in the situation with my husband.  I’m no longer bound by a lease.  I have added on to my family though (not appreciated by my dad and step-mom too much).  I’m naughty, what can I say?  I have a sweet and very over active kitty, named Topaz.  I’ll have to get a pic of her on here soon.  She can be very sweet and loving, but very rambunctous at other times.  I’m sure my sister and I are the only ones that really adore her.  Everybody else worries about Borio’s reaction to the new addition.  They’re friends, they chase each other, yes he does chase her to0!  I would have never kept her if it made my sweet Borio miserable.  He is my good little sweetie pea, the apple of my eye!

Imagine what I’ll be like some day as a mother if I’m like this with my pets!  Sheesh!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Kareem!

May everyone have a blessed Ramadan.  May Allah accept all your fasting, salat, and dua.  Ameen